Don’t fall victim to your own success!

By March 21, 2017Marketing 101

All too often, business owners tell me “I have no time for marketing.” Hey, marketing is my life, but I can still relate.

In addition to talking with folks about their marketing their business, working on Triple Strength marketing needs, and all of the administrative gobbilygook that just creeps into my day, I also have to carve out time for things like writing a blog post, producing a newsletter, spinning up a social or Adwords campaign and the occasional networking event.

Believe me, I get it. Prioritizing customer needs right now over future prospects is easy.

But it’s a trap.

Time and again, folks tell me they don’t really need to worry about their website, or focus on their advertising. After all, they’re running at capacity, and they’ve got plenty of work in the pipeline. I understand that perspective, but can’t disagree with it strongly enough.

This is how businesses literally become victims of their own success. Simply put, no business can afford to neglect those customers they’ll need in a week, a month, or even a year. Not if they want to stay in business.

Put it this way. If you neglect your marketing right now because you don’t have time to focus on it, you’ll soon have all the time in the world to focus on it. (Someone should tweet that!)

There is nothing rougher on your business cycle than having to start filling a sales funnel from scratch. Sure, you’re busy right now, and you might even have a queue. But once that rush passes, and you suddenly realize there’s nobody waiting in line, I assure you that no magic bullet exists that can move your marketing from zero to 60 fast enough or effectively enough to matter. That funnel is empty, and new prospects added today will NOT be new customers tomorrow. Unless you’re selling gold for pennies on the dollar, it just doesn’t work like that.

Take some time now, while things are working well, to consider your long-term marketing. It will interrupt your day. It will cause you to stop and think when you really want to just push through. But you’ve got to do it. Make marketing your business a habit, a regular part of your daily routine.

One way highly successful business leaders manage to focus on their companies is by relying on a trusted partner to keep a weather eye on the marketing. That, frankly, is the most important service Triple Strength can offer.

 Our most successful clients are those who focus on what they do best, trusting their marketing partner to do what we do best.


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