About Us

We don’t serve markets, or industries, or companies. At Triple Strength, we serve people. Specifically, we serve people who want to build great business relationships based on trust, respect and a touch of fantastic strategic marketing.

Our Core

Strategy: Extraordinary focus from a comprehensive point of view ensuring integration across all channels. Simply put, we see the big picture. We understand where your website fits into that big picture. We make sure all of your marketing efforts integrate seamlessly in support of that big picture.

Creative: Beauty is only skin deep, but outstanding design is evident through every level of everything we do for you. In other words, “pretty” simply isn’t good enough.

Interactive: Working with Triple Strength is a collaborate exercise in excellence. We want to be your PARTNER, not just a contractor or vendor.

Our strategists, artists, copywriters and programmers are dynamic, engaging personalities who care about our clients. Offering good advice isn’t good enough for these people – they HAVE to see their clients succeed.

Their hard work and dedication is YOUR reward.

Our Story

For nearly three decades, Triple Strength has developed brand identities and provided marketing support for a broad range of clients, from Hershey Entertainment and Resorts and The Hershey Company to Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries, from Ollie’s Bargain Outlets to the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet.

Triple Strength Graphics began in 1991 as a design and advertising studio providing print communications for large and small companies throughout Central Pennsylvania. Shortly thereafter, we started working with Hershey Gifts, designing and art directing the various catalogs produced during the sales year. Building on this relationship, we handled a variety of identity and branding work for Hershey Entertainment and Resorts. Many of the logos and other projects we developed can still be seen around Hershey and on marketing materials used by HE&R and The Hershey Company.

In 1995, Triple Strength dropped “Graphics” from its name, and Hung Nguyen joined as the company’s first full-time employee. Coinciding with his arrival, Triple Strength added website development to its already extensive list of services. Partnering again with HE&R, we developed websites for Hersheypark and other attractions. We partnered with Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries in 1998, a relationship that continues to this day.

In 2010, Hung purchased the company, assuming the role of President and Creative Director. Building on the work for Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries and its various service web sites, clients such as Ollie’s Bargain Outlets, Longacre Expeditions and the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet laid the groundwork for a new generation of exciting partnerships.

Triple Strength Creative Strategies

In early 2017, Triple Strength acquired Tin Cans Marketing, expanding its diverse marketing, design and technology portfolio – and its global footprint – to serve clients in Europe, Asia and South America.

Our team of strategists, writers, artists, project managers and developers partners with clients from small Main Street retailers to Fortune 500 international conglomerates. Our work takes us across America and around the world, serving clients from Boston to Brazil, from Chicago to Shanghai.

With decades of experience providing marketing and communications guidance to business audiences around the world, today’s Triple Strength Creative Strategies can provide your company a collaborative, client-focused approach to full-service marketing that marries traditional targeted media with cutting-edge technology. In addition to communications management, advertising and public relations services, we offer expertise in online strategy and planning, paid search, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, digital advertising, blogging and social media. Technical services include website design and development, application development, e-commerce and more.


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